Airsoft Sniper Rifles
A Guide to Airsoft Sniper Rifles for Beginners
For people who are looking for a great recreational activity, this is one that’s been gaining a lot of popularity lately. Initially started in Easter Asia in the late 1970’s, airsoft is a sport where individuals take out opponents using replica firearms, which are what are known as airsoft guns. Spherical pellets are fired, which are generally made of plastic. While this sport was initially just a recreational activity, it has now become popular as a training tool as well. Airsoft sniper rifles are of the following types:
• Spring-powered: These require one to pump the weapon every time it is fired. They are very reliable.
• Gas-powered: These are usually used as a secondary weapon.
• Automatic electric guns (AEGs): These are both powerful as well as accurate.
Their magazines are similar to medium capacity magazines in terms of their design (twisting spring design), but in terms of their capacity, they maintain a fairly low magazine capacity.

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Picking the right airsoft sniper rifles is a very important step. Do a thorough research both before and after the purchase. One should always be aware of all the choices available in the market before making a decision. Also, after the purchase, it is vital to know as much about the gun’s statistics as one can. Different types of rifles provide different quality. If anyone is looking to buy a good quality gun that isn’t too much on the pricey side, something in the $100-$200 range should work well for anyone.
The next crucial step for one is to maintain their gun well. Using silicon spray and wiping it with a cloth is a good option. Do not forget to purchase a cleaning rod to clean the inner barrel. Never let the rifle get greasy or dusty. Good maintenance will go a long way in preserving the rifle for many years to come.

Here are some useful tips:
• Learn that the wind will affect each shot.
• Practice shooting targets at varying ranges, to get prepared for a multitude of situations during the actual game.
• Once the target is in sight, set the position for oneself such that they cannot see the opponent, yet they are close enough so as not to miss the shot.
• Explore the area where the game is held and know the surroundings before the game starts.
• It’s all about stealth– Learn the art!
• Do not store pellets in the magazine.
• Always store in a safe place, away from the reach of children.
• Always wear face and body protection.
Practice makes perfect, and do not forget that the safety is of utmost importance. Pick the right airsoft sniper rifles and use it with care and precision. When buying one, some of the major factors to be considered are accuracy, power, and durability.
An AEG would be the best option, but if seems to be slightly over budget, a spring-powered rifle is great to start with. With some determination, one can soon become a great sniper. Remember: observe, calculate, shoot.
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